Diana Ross Unveils Second Comeback Single, ‘If the World Just Danced’

The next step in Diana Ross’ comeback arrived Friday with the release of “If the World Just Danced,” the second single from her forthcoming return to pop.

Ross’ comeback began in June with the release of the single “Thank You.” Like that song, “If the World Just Danced”  aims for the musical and spiritual uplift of Ross classics: “Turn it up and go give love a chance/Go out and take somebody by the hand/Put on your shoes and find out where you stand,” goes its chorus, concluding “So much better if the world just danced.” It’s also aimed unapologetically at the dance floor, but with a more modern twist. Whereas “Thank You” conjured memories of Ross’ Seventies work with the Chic organization, “If the World Just Danced” is steeped in contemporary club beats.

Like its predecessor, “If the World Just Danced” also boasts multiple collaborators: The song was written by no less than seven writers, including Aliandro Prawl, Andre Pinckney, Scott M. Carter, Amy Wadge (who co-wrote “Thinking Out Loud” with Ed Sheeran), Vanessa Wood, and Jaquetta Singleton.

Originally scheduled for release this month, Ross’ 13-track Thank You album is now scheduled for November 5th. Work on the album began pre-lockdown and was wrapped up with Ross recording her vocals in her home studio apart from the producers (who include the ubiquitous Jack Antonoff). Current plans call for Ross to return to the stage with a series of European shows next June.