Rihanna’s lingerie line is offering some revealing leggings. The internet isn’t sure it wants them

Written by Zamira Rahim, CNN

Whether at the Met Gala or in the pages of Vogue, Rihanna has never played it safe with her own fashion choices.

But it’s not clear if fans of her lingerie line Savage X Fenty will be similarly brave when it comes to a pair of leggings that took the internet by storm this week.

The “soft mesh open-back crotchless” product isn’t out of place in a lingerie line, but it bares a little more skin than standard gym-wear.

On social media, Rihanna fans were divided — some thought the lilac leggings were a great spin on athleisure, while others were baffled.

The leggings show more skin than standard gym-wear.

The leggings show more skin than standard gym-wear. Credit: From Savage X Fenty

“I swear celebrities forget not everyone has a gym in their home,” Twitter user @amberdrewstyles wrote, adding: “who is even supposed to wear those??!”

On TikTok, some users leaped to defend the garment.

“Can we normalize butt cleavage?” one user, with the account name @sweet_thaang, said. “Let’s normalize that.”

Others were less enthusiastic. “This is where I draw the line,” wrote a commentator called Paige.

For those who like the style, Savage X Fenty has a variety of minimal-coverage leggings.

But one person on Twitter noted that people shopping for gym-appropriate clothing should probably avoid lingerie lines.

“These were on Savage X, it’s a lingerie shop. They’re meant for sexy-wear, not the gym,” wrote @annalise_webb.
Rihanna and LVMH shut down clothing line Fenty Fashion House in February.

The singer and mogul has since focused her efforts on Savage X Fenty and her beauty and skincare lines, Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin.