Nashville Soul Singer Maggie Rose Demands Respect in ‘For Your Consideration’

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For the bulk of her career, Maggie Rose toiled on the fringes of country music, releasing songs and albums that were often too risky for mainstream Nashville — see the hyper-specific death-row ballad “Looking Back Now.” Country radio success never materialized, but more importantly, Rose found herself by leaning into the soulful side of her voice and embracing R&B, roots-rock, and even the jam world. Her new single “For Your Consideration” blends all of those elements to showcase a vocalist who is finally having her moment.

Written by Rose with Joe Ginsburg and Megan Redmond, “For Your Consideration” is all ebb and flow. Simple staccato guitar notes accent the verses and nearly disappear before huge washes of drums, strings, and keys sweep across the chorus. Throughout it all, the Nashville singer’s voice is bell-clear as she cuts down a lover who isn’t putting in the effort. Worse still, he fails to recognize her sacrifices. “Sure must be nice knowing all there is to know,” she sings. “Doesn’t mean that it’s all my fault ’cause you say it so.”

Before moving to Nashville, the Maryland native learned stagecraft by singing in a Springsteen cover band, and she sells all that slow-burning drama here. “I wish that I could borrow your eyes/Maybe that would open my mind,” Rose belts. “Just look at all the room I’m making/For your consideration.”

“For Your Consideration” is the centerpiece of the upcoming album Have a Seat and the song’s title is no afterthought. With Rose delivering such an undeniable performance, it’ll be just perfect come awards season.

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