Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrive at the US Capitol to ring in a new presidency

Cover Images/AP
Cover Images/AP

President Trump departing to speakers blaring Frank Sinatra as President-elect Biden sat quietly in church is a pretty decent metaphor for the outgoing and incoming presidents. 

I’m not sure it has quite has sunk in yet in how loud Trump was and how much quieter it is likely to be in the next four years. 

Trump dominated the media like few before him. It helped propel him to the 2016 GOP nomination. And ultimately, it led to his downfall

Even until this late hour in Trump’s presidency, more people are searching for Trump than Biden on Google

Biden won’t be on Twitter every waking moment. (I guess Trump isn’t anymore, either.

It’s not that there won’t be action from Biden: In fact, he has a clear agenda. Rather, there will be set moments of action with a lot less talking in-between from Biden.