‘Slap in the face’: Frustration mounts over stimulus

The US Capitol is seen on December 21 in Washington, DC. 
The US Capitol is seen on December 21 in Washington, DC.  Cheriss May/Getty Images

Congress passed a Covid-19 stimulus relief package on Monday after months of negotiations. CNN asked you, our viewers and readers, for your thoughts on the latest bill. Many expressed frustration over the direct payment of $600.

Emily, a single mother from Iowa, said she’s barely scraping by and that she’s nearly a month behind on rent.

“I get $1200 for myself and my daughter to catch up… It’s a slap in the face. Americans voted these people in charge to serve our best interests, and they can’t give families a check that covers even one month of rent for a [two bedroom] apartment in this country? I’m disgusted,” she wrote to CNN.

Emily added she thinks the system needs an overhaul. “My tax dollars pay your salary, Mr. and Ms. Congressperson and senators. Be humble,” she added.

Tony, from Baltimore, Maryland, shared similar sentiments.

Tony said that he was out of work for months during the original shutdowns. He said the stimulus check he received in the first round of Covid-19 relief went to rent and feels that this latest $600 is a “slap in the face,” especially since it took so long to pass.

“I’ve paid a lot of taxes in my life. I even have paid penalties and yet this is how the leaders of our country help in return,” he told CNN.

“This was just a power struggle between Republicans and Democrats. Meanwhile the people of America are suffering. I find it disheartening to see that they passed their spending bill which is larger than the stimulus bill,” Tony explained.

Simone from Brooklyn, New York, said the pandemic has impacted her ability to provide for herself and her daughter. “I can’t work because of the lack of childcare. I currently receive $190 a week from unemployment,” Simone told CNN.  

She said she’s currently behind on her rent and utility bills. “Thankfully, I don’t have to face my electricity going out, however, I have to choose between feeding us, and paying rent over my utility bill and it’s just going to pile up. $1200 is absolutely not enough for me and my daughter. Funding should target a larger stimulus check,” Simone said.

On Tuesday night, President Trump said that he wanted the direct payments to increase to $2,000, casting uncertainty on whether the President would sign the current bill into law or veto it.

Democrats have seized on President Trump’s latest demand and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will move to pass legislation for $2,000 direct payments by unanimous consent.

How has the pandemic and the uncertainty behind a relief package impacted you? We want to hear your thoughts.