Hayley Williams Soothes Us Through the New Year With ‘Find Me Here’

Hayley Williams has revealed the acoustic EP Petals for Armor: Self-Serenades, dropping the previously unreleased “Find Me Here.”

The track reaches nearly two minutes; as Williams strums the guitar she sings: “No one can hold your hand/Now through the delicate darkness you go/If I trespass even one step/It all just disappears, clock starts over.”

Self-Serenades also includes acoustic versions of “Simmer” and “Why We Ever.” The EP is available on 10-inch colored vinyl, limited to 10,000 copies.

“I spent this year at home like everyone,” Williams said in a statement. “I hadn’t spent that much time at home alone with my guitar since I was a teen, before Paramore hit the road. Once I realized I’d likely not be performing any of my new songs live for a while I guess it just felt right to play them for myself and re-imagine them, just a little bit lonelier. It wasn’t long before I started writing new songs again and one of the demos I made seemed fitting for this little EP.”

“‘Find Me Here’ is the feeling of surrendering your loved ones to their own, personal struggles,” she said of the track. “Letting them take their time and come to their own rescue. It’s a hard version of love to learn but it is an important lesson in loving someone well.”

Williams released Petals for Armor last May. She recently performed an NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, alongside Julien Baker and Becca Mancari. Earlier this month, she detailed her 2020 to Rolling Stone, which involved listening to Jessica Pratt and watching Normal People.