‘SNL’: See Eminem Cameo in Pete Davidson’s ‘Stan’ Parody ‘Stu’

Eminem made a cameo in a Saturday Night Live parody of his hit “Stan,” with Pete Davidson playing a man dangerously obsessed not with Slim Shady but Santa Claus.

In the video short that mimics many of the hallmarks from the original song and its 2000 video, Davidson plays a guy named Stu who — through increasingly volatile letters to the North Pole — lobbies Santa for the season’s biggest gift, a PlayStation 5.

“Dear Santa, I notice you never wrote me a letter back/That’s fine dog, except really I think that’s kind of wack/If you help your biggest fan, then you should just retire/Or next time you slide down my chimney I’ll set your ass on fire,” Stu writes to Santa.

Kate McKinnon stops by as the single’s featured guest Dido — “He can’t buy it himself because he lost his job because he was stealing from his boss,” she sings on the hook — while Bowen Yang’s Elton John, who performed the song with Eminem at the 2001 Grammys, also gets a chorus.

As an epilogue to the “Stan” parody, a television flickers on in Stu’s empty basement and Eminem appears wearing a Run-D.M.C. Christmas sweater and unwrapping gifts at his Christmas tree.

“A PS5? I didn’t even ask for this. I guess Shady must’ve been a good boy this year,” Eminem says. “Sorry Stu, you fucked up.”