‘In My Room’ With Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann celebrated the 20th anniversary of Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo by playing tracks for Rolling Stone’s In My Room.

Released in 2000, many of the album’s songs were featured in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. On Friday, Mann will honor the album’s anniversary with a vinyl-only reissue via Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.

Sitting down with a guitar in Los Angeles, Mann performed “Nothing Is Good Enough” and “Save Me.” She closed with “Philly Sinks,” off her most recent album, 2017’s Mental Illness. “Philly thinks, and when he thinks you can’t feel anymore,” she sings. “Philly drinks, at least he did when you knew him before.”

Mann recently released her cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche,” which served as the opening theme to the HBO series I’ll Be Gone In the Dark. “I love Leonard Cohen,” she told Variety. “I’m not somebody who knows every single record, but you know, everything I ever hear, I’m reminded especially what a great lyricist he was. Sometimes a little too oblique. But always, always great. Always evocative.”

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