Fauci says some people are experiencing ‘effects that we’re concerned about’ after recovering from Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic hit a new peak in Turkey with the country’s health ministry reporting the highest number of daily deaths and cases since the start of the outbreak. 

The Turkish health ministry reported 153 Covid-19 related deaths over the last 24 hours, topping the previous high last Friday of 141 deaths. 

The ministry announced 6,713 new Covid-19 “patients” – this is the highest daily number recorded since the start of the pandemic.

Turkey’s daily reported cases are not comparable with the rest of the world.

Since July, the country releases the number of “patients” – this number only includes people showing symptoms and people who have positive PCR tests. The publicly available data does not include asymptomatic cases or those who present clinical signs of Covid-19 but test negative, according to previous health ministry statements. 

The number of new Covid-19 “patients” recorded Monday is higher than any daily cases reported before the decision to exclude asymptomatic cases from public data began in July.

Occupancy rates for ICU beds are now at 71.3% – the highest since the start of the pandemic – with overall hospital bed capacity at 54.7%, the ministry said.

Stricter measures went into effect last week, including limited weekend curfews, age-specific daily lockdowns for people over the age of 65 and under 20, as well as the temporary closure of movie theaters, tea houses, pool halls, and internet cafes. Restaurants and cafes have been restricted to delivery and take-out only and schools have been moved online. In Istanbul, the local pandemic board has also started implementing outdoor smoking bans in certain neighborhoods, squares and streets.