Bomba Estéreo Call to Protect Colombia’s Rainforests in ‘Sonic Forest’ Video

Bomba Estéreo have released a new video for “Sonic Forest.” The theme song for band leader Simón Mejía’s documentary of the same name features Nidia Góngora.

The video highlights the lush Colombian Pacific coast rainforests, showcasing the musical talents of the communities who are working to protect the area as climate change threatens the region’s biodiversity. Gorgeous scenery populated by hummingbirds and insects, and flanked by flowers and waterfalls, are seen throughout the clip. “Let me breathe/That I am still alive,” Bomba Estéreo’s Li Saumet and Góngora sing in Spanish on the chorus. “The Pacific is talking to you/Let me breathe/Give me your hand/Saving the forest is saving life.”

Mejía’s documentary was released on Wednesday in tandem with the music video. Directed by Josh Thome and Simón Hernández, and presented by Joaquin Phoenix and produced by Stand for Trees, the film traces Mejía’s journey as he traverses the Colombian Pacific coast. He and the crew spent several days in various villages and communities in the area.

“I am beyond grateful for being invited by the communities to be part of this project,” Mejía said in a statement. “Traveling through Colombia is one of the things I enjoy the most, especially when it comes to unknown places that always caught my attention for their music. Now, I am aware that these territories are crucial for the world in environmental matters. There is a lot of natural wealth and conserving the forests protects that wealth and life on the planet. Likewise, giving visibility to the conservation work of the Afro-Colombian and Indigenous community leaders, is one way to combat the excessive violence against them.”