Rolling Stone Adds Audiomack Streams to Charts

Audiomack streams will now be included in the Rolling Stone Charts.

The Rolling Stone Charts offer in-the-moment view of the biggest songs, albums, and artists as they pop up, giving both music fans and music creators an unfettered glimpse into what’s really happening. Now, the inclusion of Audiomack streams only makes that glimpse more complete. 

Audiomack streams will be included across all five of Rolling Stone’s charts. Streams will be included the calculations for song units, which drive the RS 100, and album units, which power the RS 200. They will also be included in the streaming-driven Artists 500, Trending 25 and Breakthrough 25 charts. Audiomack streams were included in Rolling Stone’s methodology beginning with the chart dated October 2nd through October 8th. 

Founded in 2012, Audiomack is an “artist-first” on-demand streaming platform that has 16 million-plus monthly  active users with over 4 million daily active users.

“The music industry is moving faster than ever. New artists are using social music platforms like Audiomack to go from relatively unknown to international superstars in a matter of weeks,” Audiomack Co-Founder and CEO Dave Macli said in a statement. “Music charts must continue to evolve to properly reflect where fans are listening, and our partnership with Rolling Stone ensures that artists on Audiomack will be recognized for their achievements.”

For more about the Rolling Stone Charts methodology, head here.