Taylor family attorney: This is ‘not fully what we wanted’ but it ‘brings us closer to justice’

Cities across the American South are on alert as Louisville and the nation wait on the announcement of a decision in the Breonna Taylor investigation.    

In Atlanta, police officer Anthony W. Grant, the Atlanta Police Department is “monitoring the Breonna Taylor court decision closely and we are prepared to make adjustments as necessary.”  

The city of Atlanta had a number of protests, some turned violent and destructive, this summer. One incident in the downtown area resulted in six Atlanta officers being charged with using excessive force. The unrest lead to Gov. Brian Kemp sending in the National Guard to help restore calm.  

Meanwhile, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Lt. Casey Clark, public affairs commander of the city’s police department, told CNN that while Little Rock is not “moving barricades in and closing streets down like in Louisville,” they “are monitoring the situation.” 

“We have asked our personnel to have situational awareness and be prepared to come in if needed, if not already on duty. Our Department maintains on-going plans/procedures to deal with both protests and civil unrest,” Casey told CNN Wednesday.  

And in Knoxville, Tennessee, police are monitoring the decision as well.   

“The Knoxville Police Department is and will continue to monitor the situation, and we are prepared to respond appropriately to maintain public safety,” Knoxville Police Department Communications Manager Scott Erland told CNN Wednesday.  

CNN has reached out to governors, mayors, and police departments across the regional South but has only heard back from what is reported above.